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The Central Florida Zoo
3755 NW Hwy 17-92
Sanford, FL

There is so much to see and do at the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford FL. See more places to take kids in the Orlando area, visit

There is more to see and do at the Central Florida Zoo than ever before!  A few of my favorites:

Prior to opening its doors as the Central Florida Zoo in 1975, the zoo has undergone a handful of name and location changes since it was first established as the Sanford Zoo in 1923. Currently situated in a 116 acre blackwater river floodplain swamp, a very important habitat along the St. John’s River, the Central Florida Zoo is dedicated to the environment and the animals.

Looking for a unique venue for your next gathering? The Zoo provides rental facilities for business functions, parties and even weddings.Unforgettable birthday parties for your child can be had at the Central Florida Zoo! The zoo offers a unique environment for children’s celebrations.

Yes, Monkeys love to eat fresh roses! Find out interesting facts about the animals at The Zoo. Check out the giant air plant, Tillandsia Utriculata, an endangered species, just one of 800 plant species sharing a home with the animals.

Special Exhibits You Won’t Want To Miss:

  • Alligator and Crocodile Exhibit
    Want to see some big teeth, long claws and threatening eyes? (And I don’t mean your teacher) Your Family should prey on the Alligator and Crocodile Exhibit with it’s glass viewing deck.
  • Spider Monkey Exhibit – A favorite among zoo goers!
    Although there is more to a monkey than a tail, the tail deserves applause. A Spider Monkey’s tail is sometimes longer than the body. It is muscular and tactile and is used as an extra hand. When swinging by the tail the hands are free to gather food. A one arm stride can swing a monkey up to forty feet.
  • Aldabra Tortoise Exhibit.
    The Aldabra tortoise is the second largest tortoises in the world! The life span of this tortoise is somewhere around 100 years. It is believed that tortoises are the longest lived of all animals.
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Artegon Movies and Attractions Thu, 04 Jun 2015 21:32:41 +0000 There is lots to do at the Marketplace, Artigon movies, Skytrail adventure ropes adventure and Putting Edge Golf - glow in the dark style.

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You’ll find more than just shopping at Artegon Marketplace

** The Artegon Marketplace is Currently Closed – please call the movies and attractions first **
At the northern end of International Drive where the majority of Orlando’s outlets, shopping areas and strip centers are located is the newly opened Artegon Marketplace. The 1.1 million-square-foot shopping destination is also getting to be known as a fun entertainment venue for families. Parents can shop and kids can play. As the center expands, new attractions and entertainment will be added. Currently, there are several easy entertaining options available.
Enter through the main front doors of the Marketplace and you can’t help but notice the immense Artegon SkyTrail adventure ropes courses. The brightly colored combination of beams and ropes encourages you to look up and survey the complexity of it all. Adventurous kids and adults will definitely want to give it a try. You’ll be fitted in a harness and clipped to a rope that is attached to the track for safety.  Your adventure takes you 30 feet above the marketplace’s shoppers, where the height and obstacles will make it seem like a daring expedition. There is also a Sky Tykes Ropes Course for those less than 48″ tall.
The Orlando area’s only Cinemark Movie Theater offers a variety of discounts and special deals in a state-of-the-art theater. When I was there, they were offering $5.50 movies all day on Tuesday and Senior day on Mondays with $5.25 movies. Give a call before heading out to verify what the current promotions are. With the Summer movie deal for kids movies, residents can take advantage for the $5 for 10 movies, and visitors still get quite a deal at $1 per show (shows are at 9:30 am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, select days June through August). See: Orlando’s Top Movie Theaters.
You’ll be enticed to check out the neon glow from Putting Edge Golf – the only Florida location for this glow-in-the-dark mini golf. The vibrant illustrations and paintings depict surreal themes that are cute and colorful. Though some may find the piped in popular tunes a bit loud, the music really adds to the overall effect. Oh, and you can’t beat playing miniature golf in a nicely air conditioned space! For large groups or special events (birthday parties) be sure to call ahead and make a reservation. Occasionally Groupon will offer discounts for Putting Edge Golf.

More Entertainment and Activities at Artegon Marketplace:


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