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Savings at Dollar Tree – Your Orlando Vacation

  • Glow Sticks
    The magic continues into the night as the crowds gather for the park’s evening finale. That’s when the daytime balloon vendors trade their stock for an assortment of light up toys. By having something that lights up for your kiddos, you’ve just avoided the moans from both your kids and your wallet.
  • Disposable Coffee Cups with Lids
    Most hotel rooms will offer some sort of coffee or tea set up in the room. A go-cup of coffee in hand will curb the desire to stop off for a pricey cup of Joe on the way to the parks.
  • Autograph Book
    You may think this is something you don’t need, but after your little princess has just stood in line for 45 minutes to meet and greet her favorite Disney idol she is going to want a signed memento. I found several themed notebooks (Disney Princess, Cars) at a local Dollar Tree, but in a pinch, any medium sized notebook will do.
  • Drink Bottles
    Most parks allow you to bring in your own drinks. At the dollar store, you’ll find a variety of shapes and sizes including the flat foldable types that come with handy carabiner hooks to attach to belt loops or backpacks.
  • Pool Toys
    Just a few water toys can add to the fun when splashing around in the hotel pool. Kick-boards, water guns, funoodles and dive sticks are good choices. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing goggles from the dollar store since they usually don’t work out that well.
  • Rain Ponchos
    Orlando in the summer? Expect an afternoon shower. At a two for a buck, these are worth the price even if only used once or twice. Unfortunately, the Dollar Tree only sells adult sizes so you can either pay the $8 – $10 price at the attractions for the kids size, or check out a local Walmart for a better deal.
  • Multi-Outlet Plug
    This is a permanent item in my travel bag. You’ll find several types of extension plugs – usually adding three plugs for one electrical outlet. One or two for these plugs can keep all chargers (phone, games, laptops) centrally located instead of scattered throughout the room. With this tip, you’ll never leave your phone charger behind again.
  • Baggies
    There are just so many uses for zipper top bags! If you have one size to choose, make it the quart size storage bags. Use them for either storing items to keep them dry when afternoon thunder showers strike or on rides that guarantee a soak zone. Pick up a box of gallon size bags if you think you be toting wet clothes or swimsuits. So many uses for Ziploc bags! Great for wet umbrellas or rain ponchos, keeping phones and cameras dry when an afternoon deluge hits and packing up leftover meals and snacks.
  • Locks
    These come in handy if you have a nice stroller. Popular kiddie rides at Disney will have lots of strollers parked in designated areas and a lock on one wheel will keep yours from rolling away with a different “Baby on Board.”
  • Hats, Ball-caps, Visors
    Even though you may have something already packed, everyone can use an “I don’t care if it gets ruined at the beach” hat.
  • Water Bottles
    At six bottles for a buck, that comes roughly .15 per bottle. Quite the bargain when compared to $2.00 each that you might pay at a vending machine.
  • Water Bottle Flavors
    Add some flavor to your water. Kids will like the fruity flavors that you’ll find at the Dollar Tree, and be less likely to want high-priced carbonated drinks at the parks.
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