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Outdoor Movies in Orlando

Tips for watching an Outdoor Movie in Orlando:

  • Outdoor movie events do not provide any seating so you will want to bring something with you to sit on. A blanket may be the first thing that comes to mind, but after the first time you do this I guarantee you’ll be bringing a folding chair to the next movie. So,be comfortable, bring a chair. Better yet, bring a blanket to put under the chair to provide an extra layer between you and the bare ground.
  • Check to see what type of food will be available before and during the movie. It might be easier (and cheaper) to satisfy kids with snacks and drinks from home. I don’t know of any parks listed that don’t allow coolers, but you may want to check the rules and regulations before bringing alcoholic beverages.
  • Pack a survival kit: bug spray, electric candle or flashlight and a plastic bag for your trash. For safety reasons, most places do not allow candles. If you plan on eating at the movie, a package of wet wipes is always a good idea.
  • Know your movie. Most websites have movie dates, times and titles listed a few months out. Others aren’t always that organized. ¬†Always be sure to check either the website or the facebook page before heading out to see an outdoor movie for any last-minute announcements and/or changes
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